Property and Financial settlements

At the end of a relationship, it is necessary to determine how to divide up your assets and financial resources. ‘Property settlement’ is the term used to describe who gets what after the end of a marriage. Some of the assets worth considering are:

  • Your matrimonial home

  • Investment properties

  • Shares

  • Companies and businesses

  • Superannuation 

The Court has the right to say how property is divided when a marriage or defacto relationship (separating after 1 March 2009) has broken up. In order for the Court to make a determination, it will consider each parties 'future needs' including;

  • future obligations;

  • financial situation; and

  • the cost of caring for any children from the relationship.

Prudentia Legal is able to assist you in reaching an agreement with your partner about a financial agreement whether it be a Binding Financial Agreement, a Consent Order or through fighting for your rights in Court. We will talk to you about the best way of achieving an agreement in your particular situation.