Pleading mitigation


Plea in Mitigation

Before the Court passes sentence, you or your lawyer will be given an opportunity to speak. This is called presenting a plea in mitigation. 

Did you know that a convicted person can have a lawyer make submissions on that person’s behalf to try to obtain the minimum sentence possible in the circumstances? If you are represented by a lawyer, your pleas can be presented in an experienced, unemotional and persuasive manner and we believe this offers you the best chance of receiving a minimal sentence.

A "plea in mitigation" is an opportunity to provide information that will help you when the court is deciding on the appropriate sentence. The objective of the plea in mitigation is to persuade the Court to provide the most lenient possible sentence it can be reasonably expected to give for that offence. 

Therefore, if you have gotten yourself into a little bit of trouble lately and you don’t know what to do, then give Prudentia Legal a call to see if we can help.