Criminal Trial

If you are contesting a charge, that is pleading not guilty to an indictable, whether it be on a factual basis or technicality, your case will eventually be determined in a trial. 

The consequences for criminal law are generally non-financial and instead, they generally affect your livelihood as person. These consequences may include incarceration, restraint from certain people or places, convictions against your name which may affect your future and other penalties. Money is able to buy a lot of things; however, it cannot buy time. Think about this; you have committed an offence and face a consequence of potentially 3 years in jail or spend a little money and heavily reduce that, if not, obtaining a better result such as no jail time. The results that come from a lawyer are incomparable to what you are able to do yourself. Therefore, it is prudent to obtain legal advice in relation to your criminal matters. 

Contact Prudentia Legal immediately if you have been charged with a criminal offence. Prudentia Legal may assist defending you in Court. We often think of options such as using expert witnesses, drawing knowledge from experts in their respective fields, using top barristers and using our top notch investigative skills. We also look at the laws carefully and may investigate into the elements of your offence to find some sort of technicality issue. Therefore, contact Prudentia if you are charged with an offence.