Shareholder agreement


Shareholder Agreement

Shareholder Agreements are one of our areas of expertise. Cooperation between businessmen in business is normal and it is true that unity is power. However, lots of business partners, who are doing business togethers on the basis of initial common believes, mutual trust, and profit goal, may face unpredicted changing-mind or circumstance change of other partners, or misunderstanding and miscommunication between the partners. It would cause significant disagreement or trouble for long term business relationship. To avoid these unnecessary risk, a carefully drafted shareholder agreement would be for best tool to regulate the relationship between the partners. Prudentia Legal has rich experience in shareholder agreement advice and drafting, and would be able to help you to avert pitfalls, tricks, misunderstanding, other risks and also keep all parties on the same page for shareholders’ real agreement. 

When there is argument or dispute for who has done what and shall get how much, the agreement of the shareholders may be in imminent danger of falling down. We have been meeting hundreds frustrated shareholders or businessmen who had hard relationships with their business partners, associates, shareholders and we understand the essence of the problems. You would be provided professional legal advices and services for not only the legal issues, legal opinions, but also the legal act options, and detailed legal procedure, for the disputes, by our experienced lawyers in Prudentia Legal.