Planning & Building



There are many challenges in the complex and highly regulated development industry which includes being compliant with planning and environmental laws. We work closely with many local government planning authorities and statutory bodies and therefore, provide a competitive edge to ensure that the matter is resolved quickly and successfully. Furthermore, our team of lawyers will work collaboratively and in conjunction with your other specialist consultants (such as your town planner, surveyor, engineer and accountant) to provide you with prompt advice from a “legal perspective” for your matter.

Prudentia Legal is able provide advice in the following matters: 

  • Land use and Development advice

  • Town plan

  • Planning Permit (Development Approval)

  • Council negotiations

  • Consultations and negotiations with officers and councillors 

  • Planning disputes 

  • VCAT/NCAT/QCAT appeals and advice


At Prudentia Legal, our lawyers are experienced in providing commercially sensible and legally sound advice to the project principal from the tender stage, through to drafting of contracts, and throughout the course of contract administration.

Prudentia Legal’s team of lawyers have significant experience in all aspects of procurement and tendering services, including preparing and reviewing proposed commercial contracts, expressions of interest and tender documents, drafting in-house tender procedures and assisting in managing the purchasing and acquisition processes.

Prudentia Legal is able to provide advice in the following matters:

  • Council approvals

  • Contractual disputes 

  • Contract variations

  • VCAT/NCAT/QCAT representations

  • Building appeals

  • Building Contracts

  • Supply agreements

  • Expression of interest

  • Tender documents