Skill Migration


Skill Migration

From July 2012, a total new skilled migration system has been introduced. 

Before this new system, all visa applicants would be assessed whether the criteria of such visa application have been met. And as long as the criteria are met, the DIBP (then was DIAC) is obliged to grant such visa. 

The new SkillSelect System significantly changed the procedure – the potential visa applicant must lodge a EOI (Expression of Interest) and DIBP will decide whether this applicant is capable to lodge a suitable visa application. If the DIBP agrees with the EOI, an invitation will be issued to the potential visa applicant, and then a valid visa application may be able to made. 

It means the whole visa application would be in total control of the government.

Prudentia Legal is able to help to make initial assessment, apply for skill migration, prepare EOI, obtain state government’s nomination, and lodge the visa application.