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Immigration law

Migration Law

The Department of Home Affairs would be responsible for all visa applications to Australia.

Australian migration law is a type of administrative law, with sources such as the Migration Act, Regulations, Policies and court decisions. Main categories of visas in Australia would include permanent resident visa (PR), temporary resident visa (TR, such as student visa or worker visa), and bridging visa (BV).

Prudentia Legal has extensive experience in advice and service on migration-related issues and practitioners with almost 20 years' experience specialising in migration law.

Prudentia Legal advises and provides services on: 

-Family Migration:

Partner, Spouse, Fiancé Visas

Parent Visas

Children Visas

Last Relative Visas

Other Family Visas

-Skill Migration and Visas

Employer Sponsored Nominations and Worker Visas

Business Skill Migration

General Skilling Migration

-TR Visas

Student Visas

Retiree Visas

Visitor Visas

- Migration Appeals