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Industrial Relations Law

We act for both employees and employers according to the situation. This gives us a complete prospective when advising you. Prudentia Legal has acted on a wide range of legal issues relating to employment law ranging from negotiating the terms of the employment contract, to enforcing redundancy payments and entitlements.

Areas of experience and expertise include:

  • Negotiating terms and conditions of employment as well as drafting employment contracts

  • Providing advice for existing employees

  • Managing obligations, particularly confidential information and intellectual property for employers

  • Providing general advice on the Fair Work Act including Equal Employment Opportunity and discrimination, parental leave, dismissals etc. 

  • Contractual disputes and anything incidental in relation to employment law

If you have been recently dismissed at work or believe that you have been unfairly treated, or you as employer have been in dispute with your employee, come talk to us at Prudentia Legal and see how we can help.